Services that enable trusted computing

Leverage off the shelf technology

The Trusted Computing Group devised the Opal specifications for Self Encrypting Drives to protect user data-at-rest. Many drive manufacturers now offer products which support it. But without an integrated software solution an Opal compliant SED lacks credential recovery, key management and cannot securely awaken from certain sleep modes (e.g. S3). Similar issues arise when deploying other hardware security solutions on a mass scale. Developing non-intrusive security solutions that are also cost effective to deploy and manage is one of the most important services we provide.

Explore several of our custom solutions

  • UEFI based pre-boot authentication and full disk encryption driver with execution context switching between Linux and Windows
  • TCG Opal embedded Linux pre-boot authentication with Smart Card support and cross-platform CLI based recovery tool.
  • Security at the point of entry with an embedded Linux cargo inspection solution that integrates Web management

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